“I don’t do digital”

This week I had a really enjoyable coffee catch up with a Director of BD & Marketing at a major law firm.

One of the things we discussed was the surprising number of law firm BD & Marketing professionals who have told us “I don’t do digital”.

Here are my thoughts on this … and I would really appreciate your views. Please be honest. Am I off the mark? Am I being simplistic? Have I misunderstood the statement?

In short, digital is not a separate thing to BD & Marketing. People do business with people. People access information digitally. So surely saying “I don’t do digital” is like saying “I don’t (and my firm doesn’t) communicate effectively with our key audiences”?

I would love to understand what people really mean when they say “I don’t do digital”. Do they really mean “I don’t (and my firm doesn’t) communicate effectively with our key audiences”? I will unpick this with candidates and please don’t not tell me your view if I ask – I am not judging! I am interested in how many BD & Marketing professionals have appeared to close the door on what is now a fundamental and necessary skill in general business, let alone in BD & Marketing. Is it the fear of not knowing? Ambivalence of technology? Not having an obvious learning path?

Being married to social strategy guru Ian Mountford (has hasn’t asked for a plug by the way) has it’s advantages. I hear a lot about digital strategy, engagement and the role digital marketing plays in helping his clients achieve their objectives. I am familiar with terminology, it is accessible, positive and I have someone to ask questions of. Perhaps this has helped me feel confident using digital channels.

What do you think? I would love to hear your views. If you prefer not to comment in public, you can direct message me. Although think of the engagement you might get with your audience if you start a digital conversation? …

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